A special day at the Vigne del Malina winery

Ciao, a few weeks ago, Elisa and I went to discover the Vigne del Malina winery near Remanzacco in the province of Udine. An incredible experience in a truly unique environment.  The Winery The estate includes a wonderful villa where the owners live and two hundred hectares of land, but there are only ten hectares of vineyards. Looking at the […]

Tasting wine – a multisensory experience – Sight and hearing

Ciao, tasting wine is a multi-sensory experience. Smell and taste are the most involved senses but touch also has its importance; think how we touch the glass. Not to mention sight or rather what we see in the glass and why not also hearing, or rather what we perceive when the wine is poured. All these senses can influence tasting. […]

Pepper and mozzarella rolls

Ciao, Today we cook an easy recipe perfect for the summer, pepper and mozzarella rolls. This recipe goes well with your aperitifs or as the main dish for your lunches and dinners. Light but tasty and very refreshing! Ingredients for four people yellow and red peppers 2 tomatoes 2 mozzarell 12 anchovy fillets in oil Oregano salt Preparation Clean the […]