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Meat tartare with gin and fried capers

Good morning my special followers … Shall we prepare a quick but amazing recipe? I would say that the meat tartare done with the variant of gin and crispy capers always wins! Come on let’s not waste time chatting, get yourself these delighting ingredients and you will amaze your friends. Ingredients for 4 persons 600 g […]

Cupcakes with walnuts, courgettes and Grana Padano mousse

Good morning my gourmand friends .. How about turning on the oven for 30 minutes? Today I share with you my salty cupcakes recipe. In my dad’s garden I found some zucchini ready to be picked so I decided that today, instead of stuffing them with meat, I will use its pulp in the filling. The […]

Cold pasta with Pesto sauce

Hello All! In Italy it is still very hot and I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for tasty recipes, quick to make and good to eat. Today I share with you a great Italian classic … cold pasta with Pesto sauce which is one of my favourite; maybe you already know it, […]