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Mezze maniche pasta (half sleeves) with potatoes, mushrooms and grappa

Dear friends, the time for mushrooms has finally arrived… I know that many of you know have the passion to eat them, but also to pick them in the woods. And after a lot of work, there is the perfect recipe to enhance them. Mezze maniche ( the translation is half sleeves) pasta with potatoes […]

Spaghetti with stracciatella cheese, fried sage and chopped pistachios

Good afternoon my loyal gluttons !!! I don’t know if everyone knows it, but I am in love with pasta and spaghetti; in my opinion they reflect the Italian expression of good food. The recipe I share with you today is quick and easy;  spaghetti carbonara with stracciatella cheese, fried sage and chopped pistachios. Ingredients […]

Cold pasta with Pesto sauce

Hello All! In Italy it is still very hot and I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for tasty recipes, quick to make and good to eat. Today I share with you a great Italian classic … cold pasta with Pesto sauce which is one of my favourite; maybe you already know it, […]